When should I take my FemFuelz Supplements?

The most commonly asked question we get with regards to the FemFuelz range is “when can I take my supplements” or “can they be taken together”. 

Here at FemFuelz our aim was to create a one stop shop for all our customers so that whether it is protein, pre-workout, pancakes or beauty supplements we have something for everyone and a range that fulfils multiple needs. Some of you may find yourself on the FemFuelz website for all your workout essentials, for others it might be Gut Balance and Hair, Skin & Nails – the list is endless.

To make it as easy as possible, we have created a daily routine with FemFuelz supplements to help you better understand how you can incorporate them into your day to day life .


As you can see above, each product has a purpose of its own and should be taken consistently to reap the rewards. However, that routine can be subject to change to make it suit YOU.  

Protein does NOT need to be consumed at a specific time of the day, feel free to add it into your daily smoothie, overnight oats or weekly snack recipes. The same principle is applied to Protein Pancakes, these are not specifically a post exercise product – they are the perfect breakfast, brunch or evening snack to help you reach your protein target in a more convenient way!

As our range continues to grow, we want to ensure that we are educating our customers so that you understand the purpose behind each supplement and the positive effect it can have on you as a consumer.

Should you have any further queries about our supplements or the benefits associated – pop us an email on info@femfuelz.com.

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