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Can I take your protein even if I don’t exercise all the time?

YES!! Everyone requires a certain amount of protein in their diet regardless of whether they never workout or workout every day of the week. Everyone’s requirement is individual to them however, by using a protein powder you are just opting for a convenient way to make sure you're hitting that target! Shop Protein here. 

What is the different between Whey Protein & Clear Whey Isolate?

Whey Protein is composed of both Whey Protein Isolate and Protein Concentrate making it milky in taste & texture (like a milkshake). Whereas, Clear Whey Isolate is just composed of Protein Isolate. It has a light & fruity taste, texture and consistency (more like that of a fruit juice). Both offer over 24g of Protein per scoop! Shop Clear Whey Isolate here! 

Best time to take pre-workout?

10-15 mins before your session is plenty of time! Shop Pre-Workout here!

Can I take pre-workout before other exercise and not just the gym?

Of course! Pre-workout is there to give you the boost you need prior to any session. 110mg Caffeine will improves alertness and overall power performance and effort. The added Beta Alanine helps to protect muscle tissue during exercise and can help with minimizing fatigue. Magnesium is crucial for exercise performance and recovery. Lastly, vitamin B6 known as the ‘energizer’, increases energy, enhances mood, and aids brain performance. Shop here!

Why do I feel tingly after I take pre-workout?

Beta Alanine is an ingredient in our pre-workout (and many others) that leads to a tingly sensation shortly after consuming it. Despite this feeling strange, it does not harm the body in any way. Beta alanine has been known to help improve exercise performance, elevate endurance and delay muscular fatigue.

When is the best time to have BCAA?

BCAA can be consumed at any time of the day – before, during, after a workout or even on rest days! The purpose of BCAA is to consume Branch Chain Amino Acids which are essential nutrients including leucine, isoleucine and valine. These aid to build muscle, reduce fatigue, improve endurance and reduce DOMS. Shop BCAA here!

When should I take Gut Balance? How many times a day do I take it?

Gut Balance is best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. If you forget to take it first thing in the morning, consistency is key so it’s best to take it at any time of the day then not take it at all! All you need is 1 scoop a day. Check out Gut Balance here! 

What stores can I get your products in?

We have a stockist list here!

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  • Kelly MacLean

    I love FemFuelz Whey Protein ever since I got a taster for it at Wellfest Ireland last year! I enjoy all their different flavours!

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