Why Pre-Workout is one of our bestselling products!!

FemFuelz Pre-Workout has been one of our best selling products since the very first day we launched. From having tried & tested it ourselves we knew this would be a winner in everyone’s eyes and that is why we worked to make sure it was the most beneficial & delicious pre-workout blend on the market.

Each serving contains 110mg of Caffeine, 2200mg of Beta Alanine and added Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Zinc. In 1 scoop there is just 34 calories and zero sugar – what’s not to love!

Now, you may be wondering why we require all of the above ingredients so we thought we would break it down and give you an insight into the purpose of each ingredient.

Firstly, Caffeine. Known as an ergogenic aid, it improves alertness and overall power performance and effort.

Beta Alanine helps to protect muscle tissue during exercise and can help with minimizing fatigue. This is the ingredient responsible for that tingly/itching sensation you get when you take pre-workout as it excites your sensory neurons and gets your ready for your session.

Magnesium is crucial for exercise performance and recovery. Magnesium travels to the parts of the body with greater metabolic need, in turn increasing energy production.

Vitamin B6 known as the ‘energizer’, increases energy, enhances mood, and aids brain performance while Zinc is a super supplement for optimal performance that prevents early onset fatigue during workouts. 


When is the best time to take it?

10-15 mins before your session is plenty of time to take your pre-workout blend and ensure you feel the effects!

Why do I get itchy after consuming pre-workout?

As mentioned above, Beta Alanine is an ingredient added to pre-workout to excited your sensory neurons which causes an itchy sensational typically in the face and hands. This is extremely common and nothing to be concerned about! If you find it too much, reduce your serving size until your body adjusts to it!

Is 1 scoop enough?

Everyone differs with regards to how much caffeine they need in order to feel a boost. However, we recommend 1 scoop = 110mg of caffeine for 99% of people. There may be those that are hyper sensitive to caffeine, we would then recommend reducing your intake to half a scoop. On the other hand, if you regularly consume a lot of caffeine, you may need a scoop + a half!

Will this impact my sleep if I take it too late?

Caffeine is known to impact sleep when it taken too close to your bed time and for that reason it is possible it will effect your sleep. However, this is again down to each individual as some people could consume caffeine late in the evening and still manage to hit the hay at their normal bed time! If you are training later in the day try reducing your serving size so that you are still getting the boost you need without too much caffeine.

Check out our range here  and see what flavours we have to offer.  


  • Danielle

    I’m obsessed with this pre work out. The strawberry and lime is amazing but I have to say the blue raspberry has to be my favourite.

    Give a good energy boost and tasty to take.

  • Shelly Purcell

    Got my order of Pre-workout! Thankyou Femfuelz for the quick delivery. Super excited to help boost my performance in my fitness workouts/walks. Got the Blue Rasberry flavour. Omg! Soooo delicious love it!! Gives you a tingling effect 15 to 20mins after taking it, which is not uncomfortable but lets you know its working and your good to go! Pre-workout definitely my new go to before any workout 💪Amazing 💯

  • Liam Morris

    Easy to drink ,great taste and energy before workout

  • Leah

    Love love love this product! The best and nicest tasting pre-workout I have used. Only need one scoop and it gives me so much energy to bash out a good workout. 10/10.

  • Ciara Heaphy

    5 stars

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