What our BA’s are saying about Creatine!

For many of you, the taboo and myths surrounding Creatine are well known. Whether it is that you heard it makes you gain weight, bloat easily or look more masculine we are here to give you some of the honest reviews we have received to date!

Bonnie Ryan, one of our long-term brand ambassadors, has recently covered the topic of creatine and how her initial thoughts about Creatine have been totally wrong all this time. 

After reassuring Bonnie that this supplement would do no harm and offer more benefits than she could imagine, it was added to her supplement routine and she has not looked back since!

Bonnie mentioned;

“Honestly, it is one of my favourite things that I had added into the things that I take”, “I definitely, definitely have seen a difference in my muscle mass since starting taking it 2 months ago”.

“There is a lot more to the technical side”, “but I feel I am lifting heavier so my muscles look better, I look more toned and more defined”

“I am so happy that I just tried it and spoke to FemFuelz”

We know that we discuss Creatine and the benefits on a regular basis but that is because we truly believe that this supplement should be added to everyone’s routine regardless of your level. It pretty much speaks for itself as the most tested & proven supplement on the market!

If you want to read more about the benefits & FAQ’s visit our blog here!

If you are ready to take the plunge & ignore the myths, shop here!

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