Meet the founders

Kylie & William O' Donoghue

Who founded FemFuelz?

In 2018 Kylie O' Donoghue had a burning desire to create a female specific supplement company, which provided only the most premium products. In essence this brand would be produced to meet the requirements female body, supporting women in their quest to become the best versions of themselves. Over the next two years, Kylie worked alongside her brother William as they executed this vision. With the input of nutritionists, medical experts, researchers and strength & conditioning coaches a product range like no other hit the market in 2020 under the brand "FemFuelz".

Where did the desire to create FemFuelz come from?

For too long Kylie felt out of her depth and dismissed when discussing, buying and taking supplements. The topic often led her to feel like an outsider, which resulted in her ignoring her nutritional needs time and time again. From this arose FemFuelz' mission, to create a brand that catered for the nutritional needs of women, to create an environment where they belong & to create products that consisted of only the most premium ingredients. Today, this vision spans from protein to clothing, pre-workout to probiotics and BCAA's to delicious pancake mix! All different products with one common ingredient, quality.

Where is FemFuelz heading? 

Here at FemFuelz, our goals remain the same. However, our ambition burns brighter then ever with more and more product launches in the pipeline. We are committed to delivering more products to our community that enables them to feel stronger, happier & healthier on the inside and out. Stay tuned as we also bid to become more sustainable in our practices while incorporating more environmentally friendly packaging into our expanding range.