It's all Gut, Gut, Gut!

Over the last number of years there has been extensive research into the impact that a healthy gut can play on our overall health and well-being. Our Gut essentially ensures that our body is working as efficiently as possible when it comes to digestion, immunity, skin health, mental health, energy production, the list goes on.

As always, here at FemFuelz we wanted to provide a one stop shop for our customers. While doing so, we also wanted to ensure that we created a quality product with only the best of ingredients – and we did exactly that. It was at this point that ‘Gut Balance’ was born. This supplement not only supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, it also helps to balance and maintain the health of your gut while also looking after your immune health, physical health, energy levels and mental clarity.

What makes this blend special?

  1. Chicory Root Fibre is one of the main ingredients that helps to stimulate the growth of health bacteria in the gut. This ingredient is considered to be a *Prebiotic. 
  1. Bacillus Coagulan Cultures maintain, promote and restore a healthy balance of gut bacteria. These cultures are considered to be a *Probiotic.
  1. Wellmune® Blend is a leading yeast beta glucan clinically shown to help strengthen your immune system. Wellmune strengthens your body inside and out as it helps to improve general immune health, maintain overall physical health, protect against the harmful effects of stress and promotes health energy levels and mental clarity.

**The use of both Prebiotic and Probiotic is not permissible in commercial communications under European food law.

Since launch, Gut Balance has been our number #1 seller and hearing our customer reviews has been nothing short of amazing! All you have to do is mix 1 scoop of Gut Balance with water and consume once a day (preferably 30 mins before food).

Check out our blend here!


  • Zoe

    I started using this and my bloating got so much better. Amazing product

  • Claire

    I can honestly say I haven’t felt bloated once since I started taking the gut balance…I take it every morning a half hour before breakfast and now its part of my morning routine. If you are looking for a something to help balance your gut you’ve found it!

  • Ellen

    I have been taking Gut balance for over a year now and I love it. I always suffered with gut issues and this product has helped me so much and made life so much easier. It always tastes delicious.

  • Lisa Scanlan

    I have been using guy balance from its first launch and the difference I feel is second to none, it’s an amazing product and I can’t live without now it’s results are Amazing and thr months subscription is so smart
    5 star product ❤️❤️

  • Laura Reynolds

    Been taking gut balance since it was launched and cannot recommend it enough. I’ve signed up for the subscription which save 15%. I will never not take it.

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