Everything you need to know about Protein Powder!

It was often believed that protein powder, as a sports nutrition supplement, could only be consumed by athletes, body builders, weight lifters and so on.. However, despite the myths and societal norms, protein powder is for anyone! Regardless of your gender, age, activity level or hobby, everyone has a recommended protein target (specific to themselves) whether your trying to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or recover effectively.

When trying to reach this daily protein target, a protein powder makes it much easier and more convenient. Not only does protein help you to repair and build muscle, it is also a crucial element in hormone production, immune function, and energy output.

Why choose FemFuelz? Here at FemFuelz we have worked on formulating the perfect blends tailored to meet the nutritional demands of the female body. Our blends are composed of a high premium protein content; 21-25g protein per scoop (*depending on the blend). Not only that, we have also been conscious of the calories; *100-110 calories per scoop, carbohydrates; *1g or less, and sugars; less than *0.5g.

While all of the above elements are key components of our blends. We wanted to offer our customers even more than what was already on the market. Digestive discomfort is one of the most common issues in females when having consumed whey protein. That is why we have included a digestive enzyme in our protein blends as this aids the breakdown of lactose, resulting in reduced bloating and digestive discomfort. We have also added Folic Acid which is an essential element for muscle growth, repairing damaged cells and improving brain function, Calcium to help maintain bone strength and Vitamin D  to promote calcium absorption, healthy bones and supports cardiovascular health.

All in all, it is clear that protein is a crucial element of everyone’s diet and should be consumed in sufficient amounts. Protein powder helps you to reach your required protein target that bit easier while FemFuelz has an extra edge over competitors. If you are looking for more ways to incorporation protein powders into your everyday lifestyle, check out our Instagram or Facebook at FemFuelz for recipes and more.

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  • Maeve Phelan

    Love the cookies and cream protein powder! Soo tasty in a smoothie!!

  • Niamh

    The chocolate whey protein is delish. Its the tastiest one I’ve tried and very filling, lovely when blended with fruits also.

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