Pancake Tuesday with FemFuelz High Protein Pancakes! 🥞

Pancake Tuesday - FemFuelz edition! 

A lot of you will have your go-to recipe that you use each year, or others may be looking to their favourite foodie on insta for their latest recipe! 

But for some this can be a time where you want to join in on the fun, enjoyment and celebration without going over board and still ensuring you are on track, which is why we are here to help.. 

Not only are the FemFuelz High Protein Pancakes quick and easy to make, they also taste absolutely delicious, light & fluffy! 

Method: 1 serving

  1. Mix 2 scoops of Protein Pancake Mix (80g) with 80-100ml of water or milk depending on desired thickness
  2. Add to a medium heat pan and cook 2 mins each side
  3. Remove from pan and add your toppings of choice. For some inso, this could be: Nutella, Yogurt, Biscoff, Fruit, Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter, Crushed Orea, Ice Cream, Honey... the list is endless! 

Serve & Enjoy!

Macros for just pancakes : 1 serving275 Calories
21g Protein
37g Carbs 
1.5g Sugar
3.4g Fibre

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Content Created by Maeve @ALIGN_IE!

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